SCFs in multi-planar tubular TT-joints of offshore jacket structures subjected to out-of plane bending (OPB) loads


University of Tabriz


Investigating the effect of loaded out-of-plane braces on the values of the stress concentration factor (SCF) in tubular joints commonly found in offshore structures has been the objective of numerous research works. However, due to the diversity of joint types and loading conditions, a number of quite important cases still exist that have not been studied thoroughly. Among them are two-planar TT-joints subjected to out-of-plane bending (OPB) moment loading. In the present research, data extracted from the stress analysis of 243 finite element (FE) models, verified against available experimental data, was used to study the effects of geometrical parameters on the chord-side SCFs in two-planar tubular TT-joints subjected to two types of OPB moment loading. Parametric FE study was followed by a set of nonlinear regression analyses to develop four new SCF parametric formulae for OPB-loaded two-planar TT-joints. Reliability of proposed equations was checked against the UK Department of Energy (DoE) criteria.


Main Subjects