The problem of resource leveling in multi-project mode by Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm


Khayyam university


Resource leveling is very important in projects and project managers always need a schedule based on the optimal use of resources needed to complete their projects. Most resource leveling research has been done in a single project, while in many organizations several projects are done simultaneously. For this purpose, a mathematical model is presented by all projects with the aim of minimizing changes in the level of different resources. Because the problem of resource leveling is an NP-complete problem and it is not possible to achieve the optimal solution in the general case, the cuckoo optimization algorithm has been used, which is one of the newest and most efficient evolutionary optimization methods.
Comparison of the results obtained from problem-solving with the cuckoo algorithm, which is an approximate method with the exact branch and boundary method, indicates that it is more appropriate to use the exact method in small dimensions, and as the dimensions of the problem expand, the cuckoo algorithm It will provide the right answer more quickly.


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